The New Face of Scotch Whisky

By Brandy Library (other events)

Saturday, January 12 2019 2:30 PM 5:00 PM

In an increasingly competitive Whisky market, Scotch has tried many ways to re-invent itself...successfully it seems. From innovative maturation protocols to terroir-driven raw material sourcing and science-driven releases, one is compelled to acknowledge the modernity of this old spirit, which traces its roots back to the late 15th century. Tremendous changes in the last 50 years have given Scotch a new face, affected the way it's made, the way it is sold and our drinking fashions alike. Between the non-chill filtration, the new approach to Sherry cask ageing, the drop of age statements, the surge of new distilleries throughout Scotland, big and small, the opening of new consumer markets and the always-open eyes of the Scotch Whisky Association, there is a lot to cover. We'll be looking at the ways past and present, oppose, compare, but essentially, drink Scotch.