Cognac: King of Brandy

By Brandy Library (other events)

Saturday, February 2 2019 2:30 PM 5:00 PM

You all look at this bottle of Louis XIII on the back bar as being Cognac’s best and most expensive example around, but how many of you have had it? What about Hennessy VS? This is the most consumed Cognac in the US, and yet, you may have never had it either. This is probably because the whole category is misunderstood! While these two extremes are solid finds in their own rights, there is a plethora of styles, ages and prices in between. We’ll be tasting all kinds of Cognacs from different areas, with a variety of methods of production: a very floral Fins Bois, an exuberant Borderies, a rich and rancio-filled old Grande Champagne and more, all paired with delicious food. Quite a bit of History and great visuals will compliment a class you won’t forget!