Cask Strength Scotch Whisky

By Brandy Library (other events)

Tuesday, January 15 2019 6:00 PM 8:30 PM

This class requires prior knowledge of Scotch Whisky… this is geeky: staying away from “mass consumption” of the regular alcohol levels! Most blends and Single malts are bottled at 80 proof or slightly above, but the connoisseur knows there is more pleasure to extract from a non-reduced release. This is how it works: the whisky is dumped, from its wooden container –the barrel- and add water to in order to drop the alcoholic strength to a “drinkable” level. But doing so, the very essence of the drink can be lost. At least, a much greater complexity can be enjoyed at natural strength, i.e. poured straight from the cask and into the bottle. After 10 years of maturation in Scotland, this could be at around 59% abv, still…but after 20 years maybe only 52% abv. But it depends on the conditions surrounding this vessel. We get a bit technical here.